Yelo was established in 2017 and started from a dream.

Literally started from a dream. The owner went to bed one night and woke up with the idea of creating ice pops in fun flavors for people to enjoy everywhere.
Yelo started selling ice pops, artisan flavored truffles, and pecan pralines to start. Yelo’s first event was held at an elementary school selling items at a vendor event. From there Yelo started going to farmer’s markets, festivals, food truck events, and catering.
From there we started catering our artisan ice pops to events. After having great success we opened our first brick and mortar in Geneva, IL with goals to open many more.
Yelo uses only natural ingredients (no food coloring or fructose) in all of our ice pops and we handcraft them from the start of making them to the packaging.
We now expanded our menu from artisan ice pops to fun bubble teas and Filipino-fusion food! Our goal is to introduce new flavors and foods wherever we go and love what we do! Our current team has a willingness to learn and create new flavors for you to enjoy!


Marlo P., the owner and head chef of Yelo, graduated from the Cooking Hospitality Institute of Chicago, Le Cordon Bleu, in 2008. She has worked at various fine dining, small business, and catering businesses after graduation. She took some time off of the restaurant life to take care of her family but always continued to study her craft while working other job positions in the corporate world. Her focus of study was on Latin/Hispanic cuisines and later Filipino and other Asian cuisines. Marlo is a mother of 3 and you will frequently see them working with her at the shop!